Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Malkovich Malkovich

Today's inspiration comes from John Malkovich and William Faulkner. The video cuts off unfortunately, but the general idea comes through.

Faulkner's 1949 Nobel Prize Speech.

And shure. The video is old and the speech even older. But both are somehow relevant to me today.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let the Roadies Take the Stage

I saw a concert tonight and am totally sold on the idea of roadies for theater. Oh. Not like, you know, the stage manager behind or in front calling the show or people backstage to help you dress or get your props. But roadies in the true sense. So that when maybe you're up there working hard, someone extends an arm up and hands you a nice fluffy towel or an icey cold bottle of water. Or while you're going to town on your monologue maybe a roadie kind of does that stoop crawl thing across the stage and swaps out the overstuffed chair you sat in during Act 1, Scene 2 because all that acting you did in it kind of wrung it of its whatness. It needs to be solid when you come back to it in Act 2, Scene 5. And there is no intermission, man. Or say you need a piece of fruit or a new shirt, you hold up a finger and your roadie just knows, time to call your bookie (Go Big Or Go Home in the 6th race). You are simpatico.

Also: say the show is over. Wouldn't it be awesome if a couple of roadies came back onstage and spiked a piece of furniture or adjusted a mic? And they're sort of walking like you do, almost imitating you and sort of in the same clothes and the lights are just dim enough that's it's hard to tell, maaaybe. Teases. They get the audience thinking, hoping, pleading that you come back out for like a 35 minute all-request encore - say Hamlet or maybe a Will Ferrel skit? Whatev. It's all the same to you because you are a professional. You are game. Never get stumped on the encore. Oh sure. Some wiseass is gonna request Free Bird. I mean, no one goes home without they hear that.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here's Johnny

Favorite quote:
Anything you do as many times as a successful actor, you can't have one set of theories. No, you can go for years saying I'm gonna get this thing real because they really haven't seen it real. But you know, they just keep seeing one fashion of unreal after the other, that passes as real. An you go mad with realism and then you come up against someone like Stanley who says yeah, it's real, but it's not interesting. - Jack Nicholson.
h/t @ebertchicago

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Big List: Can't Keep Your Head On Straight Edition

The Lysistrata Project by Elana McKernan, Crowded Fire @ The Regent House, Berkeley. Through April 23.
A Seagull in the Hamptons by Emily Mann, Shotgun Players @ The Ashby Stage. March 24 - April 25.
Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead, Shady Shakespeare @ Theatre on San Pedro Square. April 9 - 24. Never seen it. Hard to believe.
Men Think They Are Better Than Grass, Deborah Slater Dance Theatre @ Theater Artaud. April 30 - May 9.
The Crazy Cloud Collection, InkBoat with Ko Murobushi @ Theater Artaud. May 27 - 30. Just realized that I'll be on the east coast that weekend and will, sadly, miss this.
1001 Nights by Jason Grote, Just Theater @ Berkeley City Club. May 28 - June 20.

To be updated I'm sure.